SSI Aire Enriquecido Nitrox

Welcome to our Diving School

Our diving school that teaches the FEDAS – CMAS, SSI and TDI certifications has a group of instructors that year after year spend their time to the training of divers at all levels. Training is highly customised and the trainee – trainer ratio does exceed in any case the amount of three learners per instructor.

The latter have been cooperating with the centre for years, and that helps to maintain the school’s principles which consist in an appropriate training process in accordance with the level taught. The same thing happens with the guides of the centre, who are very familiar with the diving area, and are aware of the behaviour of the different species that live there.

SSI Aire Enriquecido Nitrox

Que es

Ya no tienes que elegir entre seguridad e inmersiones más largas - el Nitrox es la clave. Involucrándote en el Programa de Especialidad más popular de SSI aprenderás todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el Aire Enriquecido Nitrox. Este programa también es un requisito previo para poder involucrarte en el Buceo Técnico.


Esta actividad tiene una duración de aproximadamente dos dias.


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In all our courses it is necessary to have previously passed a medical examination and to have a diving insurance policy to be covered throughout the entire course. We have specialised doctors and also insurance companies that can deal with all the procedures necessary. For underage participants, parental authorisation is also compulsory.

The training sessions will all be carried out in the sea, and those classes that correspond to the swimming pool will be carried out in confined waters with a maximum depth of 5 metres The courses include all the material necessary in accordance with the level of both the theoretical and the practical classes, gases included.